Trin Dumlao
Don Dumlao
Jerry Dumlao
Paul Dumlao
Jim Dumlao
Felicia Narvaez
Amado "Sonny" Narvaez
Robert Narvaez
David Narvaez
Larry Narvaez

    Born in Canton, Ohio, she spent her childhood years in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. She spoke often of her school days and how she attended a school where the children were a mixture of all races, long before integration became a rallying cry. Although she never received a high school diploma, she received the highest honors that the School of Life can offer. She was raised by her grandparents and, since she did not know who her father was, she took her grandparents' name--Levoe--as her own.
    She was married twice--first to Trinidad F. Dumlao, a Filipino chief steward in the U.S. Navy--and then to Amado Narvaez, also a Filipino chief steward serving in the Navy. (In those days, Filipinos who enlisted in the Navy were almost always assigned to a steward position.) She had a total of ten children and at one time she remarked to a daughter-in-law that she wished she could have had more.
    Limited though her schooling was, she loved to read. The daily newspaper kept her up-to-date on current events. Her home was always filled with books mainly purchased from the Navy base thrift stores. She was particularly fond of Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason mysteries and followed that attorney's cases when they were translated to the TV screen.
    Her greatest strength was her love of family and friends. It is truly remarkable that anyone can raise ten children over a span of two generations as successfully as she did. To the people who said to her: "You have such wonderful children. You must be very proud of them," her children can answer: "We had a wonderful mother. We are very proud of her. And we love her very much."
    Her greatest concern was the seeming lack of closeness among her ten children. But the love we--the children of Rose Violet Dumlao Narvaez--feel for each other is as genuine and deep as the love felt in any family. Although technically the five older children were half-brothers to the younger children, we were one family and lived our entire lives as full-siblings. This website has been established to nurture the closeness and the love that has always been there. It will be updated frequently and comments from her immediate and extended family are welcome and invited. Contact information is at the bottom of this page. If you need help with writing, spelling, grammar, or anything else, we'll be happy to help out.

The Children

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Standing in the back (l to r)
Don, Trin
Seated (l to r)
Paul, Jerry, Jim
Standing in the back (l to r)
Sonny, Felicia, Jerry
Standing in middle
Robert, David
and in the very front
Larry with his bubble-blowing elephant

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